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Does Your Business Insurance Cover Cyber Attacks?

The risks of doing business online are growing by the day. It seems that every other week, we hear about another major organization that has suffered from a data breach or other cyber attack. In fact, it seems even the political parties cannot seem to keep their sensitive data protected from security breaches. If organizations…

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Cyber Liability Insurance: Who Needs It and Why

Cyber criminals are all over the Internet these days. And many of them are heavily financed and backed by large criminal organizations or even national governments. In fact, there has been extensive speculation over the past several months about the Russian government attempting to hack the U.S. presidential election. Many major corporations have also suffered…

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Does Your Company Have Cyber Insurance?

Businesses face liability risks on multiple fronts these days. There is the danger of someone being hurt by your product, injured on your property or suffering damages because of an error or omission in a service you are providing. On top of all this, the risks of being attacked online are growing each year. Most…

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