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With all the changes in the health care system due to the Affordable Care Act of 2010, it can be difficult to decide the right plan forMaryland Health Insurance Agent you. Since the new law has been enacted, everyone is now required to carry health insurance in Maryland. If you are looking for health insurance in Frederick Maryland then there are a number of ways you can obtain your coverage. As an independent agency, Balderson Insurance works with several insurers in the state to bring you more choices and help you find the plan that best fits your needs.

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What health insurance options do I have?


Coverage through an Employer

If you or your spouse has health insurance available through your employer, you may be eligible to join their group plan and may continue on the plan after you leave the employer through Maryland Continuation laws or COBRA. Also, you are now eligible to remain on your parent’s health plan until the age of 26. Group plans tend to be more expensive than individual plans because the insurer has no specific health information on each member. Sometime, however, the employer contribution is enough to compensate for the higher costs. Be sure to closely examine the premium, coverage levels, available doctors in your network, etc. so you understand the plan your employer is offering.


The Public Exchange

Maryland Health Connection is the state exchange that was created in accordance with the Affordable Care Act. Residents can now shop the exchange and compare individual plans offered by participating providers. Government subsidies may also be available to help pay for the plan depending on your level of income.


The Private Health Insurance Market

If you do not have insurance through an employer and cannot find adequate coverage through the public exchange, a private health insurance plan may be the right option. At Balderson Insurance, we can help you shop the private market and look for a plan that will fit your needs. Under the Affordable Care Act, you can no longer be turned down if you have a pre-existing condition, although you will likely pay a higher premium.


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