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Anyone can sell you an insurance plan, but you won’t know if it’s the right plan until it’s too late and you find out you aren’t covered. Many times people shop for the best priced insurance plan with no regard to protecting their family or business assets. Did you know insurance is more crucial to building your wealth than investments? Why? If your assets are not protected and you are sued, you could potentially lose all that you have worked for.

Since I started my company in 1996, I have made it a goal to work for my clients, not for the insurance companies. My goal is to go to work for you to find you the best coverage for your specific situation and of course, I want it to be affordable as well. My company is a full service insurance agency (located in Frederick Maryland) which gives me the ability to consider multiple insurance companies when planning your insurance strategy. I will personally take the time to discuss your needs and design a plan just for you; one that meets (or exceeds) your expectations, goals and needs.

There are thousands of insurance companies that can sell you an insurance policy, so why buy from Balderson Insurance Agency? The answer is simple, I am committed to building long-term relationships with my clients. Our relationship isn’t over once the sale is made; my team and I will be there when you have questions about your policies, need to make adjustments, or just need some advice about insurance.

If you would like to discuss your asset protection needs, or want a complementary review of your current personal or business insurance policy, please call me. I looking forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Frederick Maryland Insurance Agency

Todd Balderson
Founder and CEO
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