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Finding the Best Rate on Auto Insurance

A lot people believe that they are paying too much for auto insurance, but they often do not know how to go about making a switch. Many are with captive agents who represent just one carrier and can only give them limited choices. And while they may like their agent, do they really like them…

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Insurance New Year’s Resolutions

During this time of year, many people make New Year’s resolutions. Examples include eating healthier, losing weight, paying off debt, or finally starting that business you have been talking about for the past few years. One area of your finances where it makes sense to create some resolutions for the New Year is with your…

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Important Considerations when Purchasing Business Auto Insurance

If you have a vehicle you use for commercial purposes, it should have a higher level of coverage than a typical personal auto insurance policy. Some sole proprietors and self-employed people assume that their personal auto policy will suffice, particularly when occasional business trips are the only commercial use of their cars. However, even using…

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