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Obtaining Health Insurance If You Missed Open Enrollment

Whether you have health insurance through your employer, or you purchase it from a provider, there is usually an open enrollment period in which you can purchase a plan or make modifications to an existing plan. For those who do not have insurance through work, the open enrollment period for the federal and state public…

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Health Insurance Cost Containment Summit Frederick MD

Are you a business owner, board member, office manager, HR professional, or financial officer? Plan for the future of your employees’ health insurance programs with leading health insurance cost containment experts. Hear from keynote speaker Al Redmer, the Maryland Insurance Commissioner.   When: Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 @ 8 am to 1 pm Where: Holly…

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Personal Wellness: Ways to Lower Your Health Insurance Premiums through Better Health (Part I)

It is no secret that health insurance premiums are on the rise. There have been many changes in the health care regulations in recent years, and though many of these changes are positive, they have led to increases in the cost of having health insurance. This means families must take better care of themselves to…

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