A legal services plan is not insurance, but rather a plan that provides access to certain legal benefits for a fixed, monthly cost.

It’s important to know that having a legal service plan does not mean that every legal need you have will be covered without any additional costs. However, it does mean that you have access to a lawyer in cases where you normally would not and also have additional legal benefits (such as will preparation) at no additional cost.


At Balderson Insurance, we offer legal service plans through Legal Shield (formerly known as Pre Paid Legal Services); a trusted provider who has been offering legal service plans for over 40 years.


Our legal service plans start at just $17 per month for full family coverage and include the following:


  • Access to a lawyer for consultation on any legal matter.
  • Access to a lawyer who will write letters on your behalf to resolve legal matters, provided the lawyer feels it is in the best interest. In some cases, the lawyer might make a call on your behalf, however letters are typically more effective.
  • Access to a lawyer who might go to traffic court with you. Again, it depends on the infraction but after the free consultation, if it makes sense, they will represent you in court.
  • Access to pre-paid trial time in the event you are sued (and you are more likely to be sued than hospitalized).
  • Having your will prepared and updated annually. If you are married, your spouse’s will preparation does incur a meager $20 fee. This alone is an $800-$2,000 value when you consider the cost of the plan.
  • Discounts many other legal matters.


What our customers found is that it is nice to simply have access to a lawyer who is just a phone call away. There is a saying, “If you don’t know your rights… you don’t have any.” With a legal services plan, you can have this access – which was formerly only available to the wealthy – and know your rights in any situation.


You can contact us at (301) 874-0772 to learn more about this service, or click here to enroll online (24 hours a day).

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